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What happen to "stick together team"?
I am disappointed that my friends are going to celebrate alex's birthday with him even after all the cold shoulders treatments received for the past few months. I don't think this is a true reconciliation because it had happened before last December. There was a calm period when everything was okay but all of the sudden he just, went on a crazy cursing spree on Facebook and unfriending us on it. I do not want to re-live this whole episode again. The last time I was so hurt and disturbed that I could not even sleep. I was thinking about it all day and all night, trying to understand why and how things got so screwed up. I kept asking myself "what did I do"? I feel I am just collateral damage in his path of destruction against Jason.

That time,we supported one another and stood by our actions. It was difficult and awkward for everyone but we have gotten over it. There can be forgiveness but things should not be forgotten. To forget is to accept his un-reasonable actions and sending out a signal that it is okay when clearly it is not. I do not wish for war but his exclusive invitation scheme clearly shows he has not let him grudge down. What deeply sadden me is that my friends do not see it this way and is going to celebrate his birthday with him. If the situation has been reversed, I would have never go for it if anyone of my friends were left out. 


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